Jan 8, 2016


Well firstly, a very Happy New Year from all the purplest of all of the bears. This would have been posted sooner but keyboards are a fiddly

We did think by New Year we’d have been able to say it in person (or at least in bear) and be passing you the champagne to celebrate with our very own paws. You can picture it now, bears and humans alike dancing to Auld Lang Syne, but alas certain branches got in our way… Although (paw fingers crossed) we seem to be out of the woods by now, or at least we can see the light at the end of the cave.

That’s probably enough bear terminology… for now.

We just wanted to put up a quick post to say thank you for your patience, we’ll be open as soon as we can. It’s not in a bear’s nature to rush really and we can’t change that so we’re using this time to make sure when we do open, all of your waiting will be worth it. Our smoker has been on day and night, not just because we’ve been hungry; but to ensure quality, service and flavour for our patrons when you do come to visit.

We’ll see you very soon and in the mean time keep an eye on our social media for any updates…

Roar (Bear for bye)


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